Suzanna de Boer

Writer, editor, and coach

I’m a writer/editor and leadership development coach with over 20 years of top-level experience, living between France and Los Angeles. Having worked at 21st Century Fox for a number of years in marketing and content development, I now work with ForbesBooks. I'm the book doctor and editor behind multiple Amazon bestsellers published by ForbesBooks and Advantage authors. It's my obsession to work with my authors to create the amazing book they envision, whether as a book coach, developmental editor, or co-creator and ghostwriter.

The authors speak ...

The Four-Minute Retirement Plan: Preserve Your Past, Secure Your Future, Live for Today

"Next, I would like to thank the Forbes Books team, starting with Suzanna de Boer. Suzanna was my book coach and I very much appreciated her patient and positive coaching style."

- Michael Cannivet

Zero Risk Startup: The Ultimate Entrepreneur’s Guide to Mitigating Risks When Starting or Growing a Business

"To Suzanna de Boer and Nate Best, who were my amazing editors at Forbes Books."

- Paulo Andrez

Annette Franz, Built to Win: Designing a Customer-Centric Culture that Drives Value for Your Business

"I couldn’t have done this without my weekly meetings with Suzanna de Boer, my book coach. You really got me thinking differently about this book. I appreciate your ideas, the examples from and the stories about other authors, the nudges to shift my approach, and just our conversations, in general. "

- Annette Franz

Marty Parkes, Disrupter

"I especially need to salute Suzanna de Boer, who worked on behalf of Advantage/ForbesBooks to help me hone the manuscript. "

- Marty Parkes

5 Levels of Mastery - Coaching and Mentoring for Love, Happiness and Success

To Suzanna de Boer for being our excellent editor throughout this journey.

Tom Noser, Fortune's Path: 12 Steps To Manage Your Most Important Product-You

"Good editors are hard to find, and I’ve found one. Although there are times when I feel like the Latrell Sprewell to her P.J. Carlesimo, coaches are supposed to make us grow, and sometimes growth hurts. Thank you Suzanna de Boer for the hurt."

- Tom Noser

Julian Chapman, The Managerial Leadership Journey: An Unconventional Business Pursuit

"My recent coach was Suzanna de Boer in France, who challenged and encouraged me to write the whole book and specifically Chapter 6 because she felt it needed to be told. In that vein, I want to thank my editor, Stephen Larkin, and the team at Advantage for taking the shell that Suzanna and I worked on and bringing it into its current form."

- Julian Chapman

Dr. Thomas Gruber (Author), Marcia Gruber, Navigating Glioblastoma and High Grade Glioma

"Suzanna de Boer, your knowledge, talent, experience, and encouragement were invaluable turning this rough idea into a readable, useful tool for patients and families."

- Dr. Thomas Gruber

Nathan Whittacre, The CEO’s Digital Survival Guide – A Practical Handbook to Navigating the Future

"Finally, thank you to Advantage Media for working with me to write this book. I sincerely appreciate the help from my writing coach, Suzanna de Boer. Thank you for keeping me on track, giving me advice along the way, and making the book better than I could imagine. I’ve appreciated our weekly calls and your ability to understand my technical writing. Thank you for making my words perfect."

- Nathan Whittacre

Juliette C. Mayers, Strategic Networking 2.0

"Special thanks to the team at Forbes, Suzanna de Boer, Nate Best, DeVasha Lloyd, and Heather Wagner."

- Juliette C. Mayers, Strategic Networking 2.0

Marty Parkes, The Children’s Front – The True Story of an Orphanage in Wartime France

"Finally, Suzanna de Boer has served as my colleague-in-arms every step of the way. The title on her business card says book coach. Duke University’s Coach K never performed better. In reality, she serves as a sympathetic confessor, page whisperer, and focused field guide. I first met Suzanna, who lives in France, through a previous book project. For some inexplicable reason, she enrolled for the same punishment a second time."

- Marty Parkes

Mary Cianni, The Consultant’s Compass - Navigating Success with Courage, Curiosity, and Compassion

"Suzanna de Boer, thank you for coaching me to a crisper voice and being the dream editor."

- Mary Cianni

To be published by Forbes Books in February 2024 (link to follow)